Admission Process

Step 1: Parents First Contact with School

During their first contact at school, interested parents should fill out the Pre-Registration Form and be informed of the documents they need to bring in order to be considered for admission. They should deposit the following documents:

  1. One (1) student photo 2"x 2"
  2. Family Interview Form
  3. Recommendation Form
  4. Copies of the most recent report card and of the previous school year
  5. Copy of the ID card of both parents or guardians* (Copy of passport if foreigner) (*For legal guardians, copy of certification of custody)
  6. Copy of the student's birth certificate

For new families from abroad: certificate of good conduct of the responsible parent or letter of employment

Step 2: Open House & Preliminary Consideration for Admissions

The next step for parents is to attend a scheduled Open House or to return with all the documents listed above. The Academic Council studies the documents submitted and decides if the applicant complies with the initial entry requirements.

Step 3: Admissions Evaluation

Admissions exams are administered during school hours, after receiving payment of the admission exam fee of US$30. The admissions evaluation has three components:

a) Standardized tests in the English language, mathematics and Spanish language

b) A psychological screening administered by the counselor or psychologist

c) A family interview

Step 4: Registration

Once parents have been informed of the approval of admission, they have a maximum of fifteen (15) working days to bring the documents required for registration (listed below), select a payment plan, and pay the registration fee (this fee is to reserve the space and it is non-refundable). Parents must deposit the original of the following documents, which are then considered property of the school:

  1. Registration Form
  2. Health Form
  3. Two (2) Photos 2" x 2"
  4. Registration Contract
  5. Birth Certificate *
  6. Official Transcript or Report Cards of the current school year and 2 previews school years **
  7. Legal Medical Certificate
  8. Copy of Vaccination Record 
  9. Examination results for eyes and ears (For 1st, 2nd and 3rd graders only)

* A student who is not a Dominican citizen must have his/her Birth Certificate translated into Spanish by a legal translator and legalized at the Dominican Chancellory.

** If the student is transferred from a foreign country or an accredited school, he/she must comply with the requirements stated in the section labeled "Transferred Students".





If you have any questions, please contact the school Admissions Officer at (809) 540-8992 / (809) 732-3270 / (809) 544-4242 or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.