Saint Joseph Library & Media Center

The Saint Joseph School Library & Media Center is designed to increase the students’ abilities in using available resources to improve academic performance. The Library Media Center is managed by an informed staff which provides instructional leadership in achieving the learning outcomes to help students become independent learners. That the Library Media Staff are supportive in promoting reading for personal and academic success is essential and their skills are critical in providing appropriate services.


The Saint Joseph Library & Media Center provides all students and staff members with timely access to ideas and information. Through instructional programs, the SJSMC ensures that students and staff are effective users of knowledge.


The Saint Joseph Library & Media Center serves as the center of the educational program. Its mission is the following:

Promote literacy and the joy of reading.
Provide direction in the use of information, instructional materials, and educational technology.
Serve as a resource for materials and activities that encourage life-long learning. At the same time, it empowers the school community by teaching the skills needed and providing the resources to teach, learn, and practice those skills.

Media Center Program Beliefs

At Saint Joseph Library & Media Center students’ early experiences in the media center can positively influence their lifelong attitudes toward libraries, information, and their own power to access and use information.

The use of technology to access, process, and communicate information is an essential skill that must be acquired by students and modeled by staff.

Encouraging students’ appreciation and enjoyment of literature is an important task for all students and staff and must be supported by exemplary Media Center resources.

All students must achieve a degree of “information literacy”. When staff and classroom teachers together offer activities that integrate information literacy skills into the subject-area curriculum, students have their best chance of becoming information-literate.

Embracing our community's diversity and using it to enhance the educational environment.

Providing multiple pathways to graduation which prepare students to make informed career choices.