Values Program

Although we are a nondenominational private school, we, reinforced values in order to promote global citizenship. It is important to the Saint Joseph School Family to develop an acknowledge a range of values that are important to our community. Our Values Programs is reflected in our Health & Character Education Curriculum which is taught from grades Kindergarten through 8th grade. However, it is encouraged and contemplated in our daily interaction with students during, homeroom, flag ceremonies, our teaching methods and general school environment throughout all grade levels.

Educators from Early Education School through High School work on two different values every month and related it throughout the curriculum and to the school activities or holidays that correspond to that particular month.

SEPTEMBER : Responsibility & Decision-Making
OCTOBER : Respect and Tolerance
NOVEMBER : Awareness & Gratitude
DECEMBER : Caring and Sharing
JANUARY : Citizenship & Liberty
FEBRUARY : Pride & Patriotism
MARCH : Family and Friendship
APRIL : Cooperation & Team Work
MAY : Loyalty and Honesty
JUNE : Teacher Appreciation Month